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Did you know, 350+ properties are broken into each month on the Gold Coast?

We can stop this with our Smart Guards.

Is your security giving you a return on your investment?

Our smart technology keeps your property safe and monitors our guards every move.

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* statistics courtesy of myPolice Gold Coast

Give us 60 minutes to identify 10 major vulnerabilities and provide a comprehensive audit report of your property.

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QR Patrol

Our skilled security guards are helped to meet your expectations with check point scanning technology.  Regular scanning of digital chips which can be fixed at predefined locations on your property, help to maintain continued security during patrols.  Predefined patrol routes and check point time expectations can be set, giving you peace of mind that you property is being effectively patrolled.

Smart Devices

We use the latest portable devices to capture and generate digital patrol reports while on site.  With Samsung tablet devices and our patrol data App, our guards can record incident details and capture images whilst on patrol.  Using the mobile network, these reports are sent to our myVIPsecruity reporting system at the press of a button.  There is no longer a time delay in receiving your reports or reliance on the guard to finish his patrol and manually write up notes.


The myVIPsecruity reporting system is a bespoke reporting system designed for the Security Industry.  The system was designed with the property owner or authority in mind, ensuring that reports contain the detail needed to manage the day to day security of properties.  The system features reports which collates detailed site specific data, digital date and time stamps and images with GPS co-ordinates just to name a few.

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